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Aero Bars: Speed is in the Details

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Speed is in the Details

Brad McGee won the Tour de France prologue last year while riding some pretty questionable wheels (Shimano) and aero bars (ITM).  It sure was a good thing that Mr. McGee put out a fair amount of power and was lucky that day; because his two high profile equipment decisions might have otherwise cost him the victory.  The only thing that saved McGee during the effort was that David Millar wasn’t detail oriented enough to figure out that one should probably keep the front derailleur on the bike when riding on a bumpy course!  Clearly, more than high-zoot-factor aero equipment contributes to the success of a bike racer, but it is the attention to all the little details that separates good performances from great performances.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 February 2010 04:45