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Do Aero Forks Work?

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Do Aero Forks Work?

“Fifteen seconds”.  The official states emotionlessly as you prepare to push yourself to your limits in the race of truth.  You’ve prepared your body through diligent training.  You’ve worked on your body positioning to punch as small a hole in the wind as possible.  “Ten seconds.”  She drones.  You have equipped your bike with the latest the bike industry has to offer.  You’ve got your aero bars.  “Five.  Four.”  You’ve got fast wheels.  “Three.  Two.”  You’ve got your skinsuit and aero helmet. “One.  GO!”  You hurl yourself down the start ramp and accelerate up to speed.  You’ve convinced yourself that you have looked after every detail when it has come to your body and equipment; but have you really?

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