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Home Blog Trek Frame CFD: it's all about the wheel/tire?

Trek Frame CFD: it's all about the wheel/tire?

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I grabbed a screenshot of a trek advertisement during the TdF last week.  I haven't seen anything like this before, so it was interesting to gain some insight into how they set up one of their CFD jobs:

CxA # after the jump, and more!


Also, it looks like the structures guy won on the design of the down tube...that sucker is huge and oddly shaped in the image above - the wake of that thing doesn't seem to be behaving much differently (in this section) than a round tube - separation near the peak thickness and all and not much suction it looks like...


..though, with the CFD images on their youtube video (below), it seems they chose to show a different seat tube geometry (which looks a bit better from a leading edge shape standpoint)



Different wheels for this job as well...but one can clearly see the impact of the tire/rim interface...and insight on why rear wheels at beta get a bit of a discount factor applied when putting wheel alone testing into context of the whole system.

The CxA they chose to report:

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