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Significant Interaction

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These folks present some data that suggests that there are indeed significant interaction effects depending on frame assembly/static mannequin combination.  In fact, the holy grail of "rank ordering" of... wheels changed depending on how full assemblies were tested, according to the results presented in this paper.


It would be very interesting if this style of research has influenced the resurgence of the "has always been fast" DuPont 3-spoke.

Also, it seems that this bit from the free pdf linked to above misses another important factor in wheel choice:

"The results presented in this paper highlight that is not sufficient to assess the performance of a bicycle wheel using only axial drag (ed - "axial force") as the criteria but rather consideration must be taken for the side force and roll and yaw moments imparted on the bicycle and rider."

... can I get a nod to watts to spin!?!  It's entirely possible that Wiggins and GBR figured it all out and stuck it to the rest of the world with some badass 1989 technology.

Finally, I wonder if the Monash balance design is biased?  Maybe it is, but certainly not as biased as some I've seen.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 January 2013 04:05