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tunnel and cfd study of 2up drafting

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Below is a study from 2013 that has cfd and wind tunnel results that shed further light on the aerodynamic interaction between drafting cyclists. Eyeballing figure 6b indicates that at a separation distance of ~15cm (I'd consider this typical) the lead cyclist can see around a 1-2% reduction in CxA. A few things here when placing these CFD and wind tunnel result into context:

1) a simplified inviscid analysis yields similar results

2) using 1:10 scale model race car data yields similar results

3) table 5 is something to consider when observing follow car separation distance during TT's:

4) if you are reporting 4x-8x+ what is suggested by these multiple independent lines of inquiry, check your experimental setup, and test again, and again, and again...

5) if you are using a powermeter to quantify this leading cyclist drafting effect, you've got your work cut out for you


Here's the link to the study:




Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 December 2015 16:57