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Not Impressed

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The caption here and article here reports that the guys using math, power, and speed (and variable ambient conditions) have produced a system that tells a user(s?) of said system that using 160 psi rather than 170 psi pressure on this particular indoor track (i.e, an environment pretty damn close to a smooth roller) generates a 75% increase in Crr.


Y'know, I've used a wired SRM and a much more caveman data analysis technique at this venue while specifically investigating tire pressure differences (for a multi-world champion pursuiter ;-) ) with a tire width similar to that described in the caption linked Dr. Robert Chung (a co-patent applicant regarding the system/methods used to generate the Crr claim above), himself, is probably saying (gawd, I hope so - or I've lost a lot of respect for the guy) :


At $800 per test session at beta ~ 0 (i.e, not much crosswind), just like McKayla, I'm not impressed:

Also, despite what this and other articles from the same press junket might claim, if you want to run ideas past me for a test session here in San Diego at the wind tunnel - drop me a note at kdubenterprise at roadrunner dot com. A run schedule from me won't be free, but it might be money well spent!

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2015 14:18