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Zipp 950 Disc vs Wheel Cover

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In 2003 I tested a CH aero wheel cover (that company has since been bought out by wheelbuilder, where the price instantaneously went up from a reasonable $40 up to $80+) against a Zipp 950 disc in the Texas A&M wind tunnel.

That test and trip to Texas probably cost me around $5000 (off the top of my head)...seeing as how that is a sizable chunk of change, I requested anyone who viewed that data sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Y'know, cuz, I'm a capitalist and all!  :-)


bicycle wheel review and ratings

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Over the years, BTR has tested many wheels in a variety of wind tunnels (hey, we've been doing this thing since 1999 as independents and also as industry insiders!), and so, we've got some empirical data upon which we can take a stab at doing the sort of thing that follows...which is tabulating a review/ranking of over 150 front wheels.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 03:20

Roller Data

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Newly updated on 3/20/2010 !!! Al Morrison is back at it with his Crr data sets (just click on pdf links in the table after the jump)


Last Updated on Sunday, 21 March 2010 12:35

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